Anonymous Cultures, The Silent Majority

Paul R. Fournier – Author and Business Consultant

Strategies for the human equation of business.

Easy to understand solutions to grow any size business.

At Fournier Books, we focus on people and the human resource equation in business. The human factor is the greatest challenge for most management teams and entrepreneurs. Employees are the most valuable asset of any business. And it’s quality employees who best build brand equity.

“We must connect employee’s to the business by more than just a paycheck.”  ― Paul Fournier

Leadership, culture, and strategy are the pillars supporting company growth. Each pillar depends on quality people planning, communicating, and executing objectives to achieve its potential.

“Anonymous Cultures, The Silent Majority” is focused on communicating the value of Culture Management. It is the source of competitive advantage.

Paul R. Fournier Author

Covid has tested business leaders as never before. The absence of leadership, culture, and strategy has influenced our business culture. It has influenced customer purchasing behaviors.

Cultural perception is everything. Employees, customers, management, and investors are influenced by company culture.

Anonymous Cultures, The Silent Majority offers vast insight into best management approaches and business practices.

Whether you are a seasoned manager, director, or entrepreneur, we can all learn.

“Anonymous Cultures, The Silent Majority”

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Anonymous Cultures offers guidance in leadership, culture management, and strategies to modify and improve business performance as well as employee and customer retention.

The book is available now in hardcover, paperback, Audible book, and Kindle ebook.

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About Paul R. Fournier


Paul R. Fournier is a business author and consultant. Paul is president of Tacticware Resource Group.

Paul is a graduate of the University of Kansas and has five successful adult children. He is an innovator, author, and businessman. Paul resides in Kansas City, USA.

His vast experience in management, strategy, human resources, operations, and sales management allows Paul to provide expert guidance.  Paul consults with corporate and family-owned businesses in a global environment.

Paul lectures to business groups regarding leadership, culture, and best practices. His white papers and articles are published and available as industry resources through Tacticware Resource Group.

Tacticware is a Business Consultancy focused on management, sales, HR, and operations. He consults with clients in multiple industries in a global environment. His central location is ideally suited for travel throughout the United States.

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